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Snow Wedge   -   Model: 5003
The Snow Wedge is shaped in a triangle shape, making this a new style inflatable tube. Master the moguls with this uniquely designed snow tube. It is constructed of 18-gauge heavy duty PVC cold resistant vinyl....
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Spider Rider   -   Model: 5006
The Spider Rider two-rider inflatable snow tube allows you to go down the hill with a friend. It includes four PVC handles on it, two per person. Constructed of 18-gauge heavy duty PVC cold resistant vinyl to prevent cracking and punctures....
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Spin Cruiser - Steerable   -   Model: 3067
The Spin Cruiser is a steerable sled with a unique design is creating lots of talk in the industry. Fully incorporating a braking and steering system for controlled spinning and stopping. Go down the hill facing different ways or while spinning in circles!...
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Spirit - Jamanda Series   -   Model: 8054
The Spirit - Jamanda Series kayak is perfect for one person looking to enjoy the open water. This is a sit in kayak and paddles are included. It has unique H2O! carrying handles, hull design and cushioned seats. With multiple footrest positions you wont feel uncomfortable. There is a large storage capability...
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Sport Utility Sled - Standard   -   Model: 3028
The Sport Utility Sled is used for ice fishing, hunting, camping and hauling needs. The rope makes heavy loads easier to pull. The sled's high sidewalls keep your equipment from falling off. Heavy duty with large carrying capacity and carries all your equipment in only one trip. For protection against...
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Talen's Paw - Steerable   -   Model: 3081
The Talen's Paw is a steerable sled and with this new small compact sled with trick twist, slip slide, it will even make you think you will flip. It's lightweight makes it easy for our smaller sledders to carry. Use weight transfer on the back seat to apply brakes....
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Turbo Stunt - Steerable   -   Model: 3075
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Twin Tails - Steerable   -   Model: 3074
The Twin Tails is a steerable sled that is large with trick twist and slip slide as you race to the bottom of the hill. There is enough room for 2 passengers and includes a towrope for easy towing up the hill. Use weight transfer on the back seat to apply brakes....
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